“‘Arrival’ is a Vivid and Poignant Animated Story About a Gay Man, His Mother, and Life in the Big City.”

Tokyo Otaku Mode

“The amount of care that has gone into this short film is instantly clear…”

Affinity Magazine 

“Myung thrives in the medium of 2-D animation, and the result is visually breathtaking…”

KORE Asian Media

“Instead of telling a story through dialogue, “Arrival” uses lush imagery, expression and movement to show an adoptee who grapples with revealing his true self to his mother, who lives far from his modern, at-times messy world.”

The LGBT Update

“…this gorgeous short film presents an unapologetic gay love story, that’s actually lead by queer people of color.”

Animation Express

“The characters in the film, while faced with a problem that is centric to those of the LGBT community, speak to those who question any part of their identity and are afraid to confront it.”

Film Doo

“…Arrival finds tension and poignancy in exploring the personal connections that its male gay lead risks losing… Through rich and expressive visuals that render dialogue unnecessary, the film illustrates how a man’s hesitance about coming out leads to friction with his partner and jeopardizes his close bond with his mother.”